Waldo Thai Pop-Up with Harp Barbecue

Waldo Thai is happy to announce its February Pop-Up, a collaboration between Chef Pam Liberda from Waldo Thai and Chef Tyler Harp from Harp Barbecue! 

This is a pre-order only event (link goes live on Feb 18, 4pm), with pick up time between 2pm and 4pm on Sunday, February 21. Due to the nature of the pop-up, we will not be able to accommodate any diet restrictions. 

  • Imperial Rolls

    10 $

    Pam’s fried fresh spring rolls (2) stuffed with Harp’s sausage, lettuce and sweet & sour sauce

  • Sausage Platter

    16 $

    Harp’s beef sausage and Pam’s Sai Ua (Thai northern style spicy pork sausage), sticky rice, spicy jaew sauce

  • Smoked Rib

    22 $

    Harp’s half slab smoked rib with ginger & garlic hoisin glaze served with Pam’s spicy basil fried rice

  • Kow Klook Gapi

    21 $

    Pam’s traditional shrimp paste fried rice, mango, cucumber, shallot, Thai chili with Harp’s burnt end pork belly

  • Brisket Kanomjeen

    24 $

    Harp’s smoke brisket over Pam’s coconut curry, vermicelli noodle, cabbage, carrot, bean sprout and Thai basil

Written by.
Darrell Loo